Grooming for your Coton’s coat is an absolute must. If you start grooming your puppy regularly it won’t be much of a chore in the years to come, because you Coton will be used to it.
Never cut the coat of your Coton – it is simply not meant to be short. A long coat is a main characteristic of this race. You purchase a long haired dog, keep the dog that way.
There are plenty opinions about bathing a dog. All are different. Nevertheless a Coton should be bathed every 4-6 weeks according to his coat’s condition.
That does not mean a Coton is only a fair weather dog. To the contrary, he may be walked in the rainy weather or muddy terrain. Simply clean his feet and dry him off and he will be fitted to enter your home again.


Should you have any questions about bathing or brushing ask, I will help you.

I am more than happy to show you the products I use for the care of my dogs right from the start.


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